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Lot Upkeep

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Rules regarding the upkeep of residential lots were established by Policy Resolution No. 2004-07-16.

Upkeep of Lots

  1. Owners are required to keep their Lots in a neat and orderly condition, in good repair and condition and in a clean, sanitary condition and shall perform, on a regular and routine basis Yard Maintenance which includes periodic lawn mowing, edge trimming, shrub pruning and maintenance, tree pruning and maintenance, basic weed and pest control as needed and as required to maintain yard, shrubs and trees.
  2. Owners shall mow grass, maintain tress, shrubs and lots in keeping and in compliance with good property maintenance standards as are generally accepted within the Dominion Station Community.
  3. Yard Maintenance shall occur on a regular, routine basis as needed. The Standard shall be when the grass exceeds the height of surrounding lots or exceeds the height recommended by the Association's professional land care specialist.
  4. Trees and shrubbery shall be trimmed and maintained to complement the Lot, and must be trimmed when they begin to or encroach upon the existing structures, or sidewalks and driveways, or when the shrubs and trees impede or impact the adjoining Lots.

Violations and Notice Procedures

  1. Owners in violation of the community Yard Maintenance standards will be provided with a four (4) day notice to bring their lot in compliance. The Notice of Violation shall be transmitted to the Owner by regular, first class mail or by letter posted on the door of the townhouse unit.
  2. Owners shall contact the Management Office regarding their compliance with the notice provided, and the community manager may grant, but is not required to grant, an extension of time to bring the Lot into compliance at her/his discretions.
  3. At the conclusion of the notice period, the Association shall have the right, without further notice, pursuant to Section 3.3 and Section 12.1(f) of the Declaration, to rectify the condition by taking remedial action as needed to have the violation corrected.
  4. Owner shall be issued a "Notice of Reimbursement" from the Association, requiring the Owner to pay to the Association those charges associated with the issuance of the notice of the violations, and the cost to remedy and cause the Lot to be brought into compliance with the Assoication's Yard Maintenance standards and or the Association's Governing Documents.
  5. The Notice of Reimbursement shall state that the payment must be remitted to the Association within Thirty (30) days. Failure to pay within the Thirty (30) days shall result in the addition of the charges assessed in the Notice or Reimbursement to the asessment account of the Owner, and such charges deemed an assessment.
  6. Multiple "Notice of Reimbursement" letters issued to an owner between the months of April and November shall result in additional sanctions for continued non compliance as set out in Policy Resolution No. 05-04-08, Assessment Collection Procedures.
  7. Non-receipt of any notice provided by the Association shall not be grounds for failure to correct the violations, or to pay the charges, assessment or reimbursed expenses incurred by the Association to elicit compliance with these Regulations.