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Community Center

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Complete rules and regulations for the Dominion Station Community Center were established by Policy Resolution No. 10-05. These rules are also found in the Community Center Rental Application, the form that applicants must fill out and have approved by the Board of Directors or its Managing Agents

More information about Community Center hours of availability, the reservation procedure, and security deposits and rental fees may be found in the Amenities section.

  1. The Dominion Station Community Center may be reserved by eligible individuals and organizations at any time the Center is not previously scheduled.
  2. Under no circumstances will chairs, tables or other furniture or equipment be removed from the premises or moved outside the building.
  4. No admission fees may be charged for an event without advance written approval from the Board of Directors.
  5. Alcoholic beverages may not be sold directly or by the charge of an admission fee for a function at which alcoholic beverages will be served.
  6. Use and occupancy of the Community Center shall at all times be in compliance with the applicable County Fire Code. All decorations used in the Community Center must be flameproof. Nails, screws or adhesive tape are not permitted for hanging decorations. Under no circumstances will any group make any structural or electrical alterations in the Community Center except by written permission of the Association.
  7. The Association, its Board of Directors and Officers, Managing Agent, appointed Designees and Employees assume no responsibility for the personal property of the permit holder. The permit holder will remove all such property immediately following the termination of the time for which the facilities were reserved unless prior arrangements are made with the Association.
  8. The times indicated on the permit as to the duration of the reservation are firm. The group should be ready to leave the building with equipment and clean up done by the noted time or the entire security deposit will be forfeited to the Association.
  9. Events for minors (as defined by State Law) require adequate adult supervision. Chaperons are required at a ratio of one adult for every ten minors. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of chaperons will be furnished to the Association when the permit is filed.
  10. The Association reserves the right to refuse or cancel permits for reasonable cause and further, to restrict private uses of the Community Room when, in the Boards opinion, private use is not in the best interest of the Association.
  11. It is understood that the Association guarantees the permit holder space. The Association will issue such cancellation notice as far in advance as possible, but reserves the right to make cancellation at any time in the case of extreme necessity (including acts of God) and the permit holder agrees that the Association, its Board of Directors and Officers, Managing Agents, appointed Designees and Employees shall not be liable for any loss resulting to the permit holder from such cancellation.
  12. If any of the specifics regarding this permit are altered in any way from the original statement of intent by the permit holder as shown on the permit, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to submit any change to the Association at least five (5) days in advance of the scheduled event. Any alterations must have the approval of the Association. In the event the permit holder gives no notice or no clearance is received from the Association when the modifications have been made, the permit holder will be held responsible.
  13. All groups will be billed for any damages and clean up incurred and further reservations will not be accepted until payment is rendered.