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Trash and Recycling Collection

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Trash/Recycling Collection

In November of 2007, the Board of Directors adopted the Regulatory Resolution 2007-10 regarding the storage of trash containers and related issues for individual lots. The following questions and answers should help highlight the main points of Resolution 2007-10.

On what day of the week is garbage collected?
Current collection days are Tuesday and Friday, but may change from time to time.
On what day of the week is recycling collected?
Recycling is collected only on Tuesday mornings.
Where may I store trash cans and recycling bins?
Trash cans and recycling bins must be stored out of sight. Trash cans and recycling bins must be removed from the front curb following trash pick-up and are never to be stored in front of the house or remain in public view on non collection days.
When may I put my trash can or recycling bin at the curb?
Trash and recycling containers shall not be put on the curb earlier than 6:00 p.m. on the day before trash collection. Trash containers must be removed from public view by 9:00 p.m. on trash collection days.
What happens if I leave trash or recycling at the curb outside of the prescribed times?
Residents may be fined by the Association.
What do I do if I need a large appliance or large item picked up?
Residents are responsible for making arrangements with the trash removal company for the pick-up of large appliances/items. Residents are required to secure such items so that they do not pose a hazard to other people or property.
Who do I call if I have a large item that needs to be picked up?
Residents should call the current trash removal company, American Disposal Services. The phone number for American Disposal Services is (703) 368-0500.
When will yard debris be collected?
The second collection day of the week, Friday.
When whill Christmas Trees be collected?
During the yard debris collection day (Friday) after the Holiday. Please remove all tinsel and decorations. Do not put trees in plastic bags.