Dominion Station

Townhouse Homeowners Association

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As parking in Dominion Station has become more difficult over the years the board, acting on the comments and concerns of the community, has enacted various regulations to help maintain equal access to spots among all residents and visitors. Residents are asked not only to follow the rules enacted, but also consider the needs of their neighbors when parking within the community.


Parking Guidelines

  • All owners will receive one visitor hang tang and one open space hang tag upon registration of their vehicles
  • Open spaces are parking spaces within the community with no marked designation (no lot number or visitor spots) and are for the use of registered resident vehicles
  • Visitor spaces are parking spaces within the community marked as "Visitor" and are for the use of visitors to the community
  • Residents should not park in visitor spots, and visitors should not park in open parking spots
  • Open parking and visitor hang tags are required between the hours of 12:00 AM and 7:00 AM. Vehicles parking in open or visitor spots without the appropriate hang tag are subject to towing
  • Unregistered vehicles in open spots are subject to towing
  • Residents parking personal vehicles in visitor spots are subject to towing
  • Visitor parking is limited to 72 hours, however a visiting vehicles can request a longer stay by notifying the Community Manager in advance via writing
  • Residents may not leave a personal vehicle in an open spot longer than 72 hours, storage of any vehicle is not permitted
  • No bus, trailer, freestanding camper, recreational vehicle, boat, mobile home, moped, motorized go-cart, ATV or other such contrivance may be kept, placed, stored, maintained, or operated upon any portion of the common area, parked, or stored in sight of the individual lots
  • Vehicles parked in designated drives ways that extend over the driveway apron, or which block the adjoining sidewalks, are subject to towing
  • All vehicles must display current registration and required permits to be kept upon the common area. Vehicles without current registration, permits, or inspection tags are subject to towing
  • No commercial vehicles under the laws of any states or any vehicle without commercial licenses but which has signs, decals, lettering, equipment racks, for hire vehicles, etc. are permitted to be parked on the property in either driveways, assigned spaces, or any HOA common area parking spaces at anytime with the exception of contractors performing work for a homeowner during normal business hours
  • Parking privileges are subject to suspension by the Board for violations of the Association rules and regulations, to include covenant violations and delinquency in excess of 60 days


Vehicle Registration

  • Owners should register their vehicles using this form
  • Tenants must include a copy of their lease in order to receive their hang tags
  • Completed forms may be sent to SFMC Inc. @ 12084 Cadet Ct, Manassas, VA 20109 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Lost or stolen tags should be reported to SFMC immediately
  • The replacement fee for tags is $25
  • Visitor vehicles do not need to be registered


Other Notes

  • The board does not maintain or police parking along Magnolia or Blossom. Concerns with vehicles on the street should be directed to the Loudoun County Sheriff's office at (703) 777-1021
  • Maintaining a balance between open and visitor spots has always been a delicate one. If you and your fellow neighbors feel the balance is off in your part of the community feel free to approach the board.
  • Residents who have had their, or one of their visitor's, vehicles towed and believe it was in error can petition the board for reimbursement by emailing SFMC
  • The parking lot adjacent to the community clubhouse is reserved for pool, tot lot, and clubhouse use only



  • On March 23, 2010, the Board of Directors adopted Policy Resolution No. 2010, and amended in October, 2011, to update the unrestricted visitor parking hours from 7am to midnight
  • In 2016, parking passes were reissued to the community, so each home receives 1 visitor hangtag, and 1 open hangtag.  Residents are now required to display the open hangtag to park in an open space.  Read more here.