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Trash Must be Secured

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As a reminder to all residences, when putting trash out on Monday or Thursday nights for the next day's pickup, it must be placed withing a secured container or trash can.  This is to prevent animals from getting into the bags, and spreading trash around.  In addition, there is a large population of squnks and racoons in the area.  The loose trash bags attract them as an easy source of food.


Residents can be fined for putting out loose trash bags.


Movie Night on May 23rd Cancelled

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Sorry for the late announcement, but tonights movie night has been cancelled, and will be rescheduled for June 6th.

The movie is planned to be Disney's Big Hero Six.


HOA Board of Directors Meeting Moved

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The Board of Directors meeting on May 26th has been moved to June 2nd.  The meeting will start at the same time, 6:30pm at the Clubhouse.


No Trash service on Friday 3/6

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Due to inclement weather, trash trucks from American Disposal Services will not be running today, Friday March 6th, 2015.  Service will resume as usual on Tuesday.

If you put out your trash cans, please bring them back in.


Shovel the Sidewalks

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As a reminder, Loudoun County requires all homeowners to remove snow and ice from sidewalks bordering their property.  Clearing the sidewalks allows pedestrians to safely use the sidewalks, so they don't have to resort to walking in the streets, which can be dangerous.

Homeowners who fail to clean the sidewalks can be fined $250 per day the sidewalks are not cleared.  Please see Loudoun County Code of Ordinances (Part 10, Title Two, Chapter 1022).

So please, be kind, and shovel the sidewalks bordering your property.


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