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Lot Improvements

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Any exterior modifications or additions to your home or property must first be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Approval is required to protect the general welfare and safety of Owners (or Owners' tenants), to provide for visual harmony and soundness of repair, and to avoid any changes that could negatively affect aesthetics or property values.

How to I get approval from the ARC?
Complete the Application for Exterior Modification and mail it to the Community Manager. The manager will review the application for completeness and then forward it to the ARC.
Should I send my application directly to the ARC?
No. Please send the application to the on-site property manager.
How do I get a copy of the application?
The application can be found in the Application for Exterior Modification section of this site. Or, simply click the text below to download it.
View the Application for Exterior Modification (51KB PDF)
Is there any additional information needed by the ARC other than the application?
Yes. Additional documentation will be required, which depends on the nature of the modification or addition. You may find all of the additional documentation required in the Application Instructions section of this site.