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HOA Dues

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The Dominion Station Homeowners Association maintains the common areas, facilities, and amenities and pays for common expenses, trash collection and reserves using money collected through the annual assessment. The annual assessment is due and payable on the first of the year, and may be additionally billed and paid on a monthly basis.

How much is the annual assessment?
For the 2012 fiscal year, the annual assessment is $1,320, making the monthly assessment $110.
How may I pay my assessment?
Payments may be paid by using the payment coupons that owners will receive each new year, or, as of January 1, 2012, mailing payments to P.O. Box 66571, Phoenix, AZ 85082. Additionally, payments may be submitted online using the SFMC web site.
When is my monthly assessment due?
The monthly assessment is generally due on the first day of the month.
What is the late payment fee?
Any assessment, or installment thereof, not paid within 15 days after the Due Date shall accrue a late charge on the 16th day of each month in the amount of $12.50. A late fee and cost of collection fee shall only be imposed once for the same delinquent period. Complete assessment collection procedures may be found in the Rules & Resolutions section of this web site, specifically the Assessment Collection Procedures page.
I'm a new homeowner. How do I get a payment coupon booklet?
New homeowners should contact the SFMC Community Manager to establish the initial payment of dues and to acquire monthly installment payment coupons.