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Exterior Home Inspection

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On an annual basis, the HOA and its management company will inspect the exterior of residential properties to ensure that they comply with the original design guidelines. Residents may find it useful to know what is inspected to ensure that their properties are within accepted guidelines.

When is my lot inspected?
Inspections occur on an annual basis.
What is being checked?
The property is being reviewed for appearance, cleanliness, and overall condition
What are the specific items being checked?
The exterior home inspection includes the following items:
  • Gutters: cleanliness, debris, and if any repairs are required
  • Siding: condition and if power washing is required
  • Exterior Wood: any wood rot that needs replacing
  • Landscaping: missing or dead shrubs
  • Shrubs & Beds: trimming, weeds, repairs to edging material
  • Trees: pruning, and removal of any dead trees/stumps
  • Grass: maintenance of grass, to include establishing and/or applying weed control
  • Paint: windows and trim, shutters, doors, and corner trim
  • Doors: condition and replacement if necessary
  • Fence: condition, replace missing/warped boards, repair gate
  • Decks: repair spindles, repair staircase, power wash, ensure correct color
  • Rear Yard: cleanliness and condition
  • Roof: repairs or replacement
  • Satellite: removed unapproved dish or conceal cabling
  • House Numbers: replace any missing numbers
  • Leadwalks: repair cracks, replace trip hazards
  • Subsidence: fill holes with top soil around front stoop
View the 2008 Exterior Home Maintenance Inspection Checklist (20KB PDF)