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Home FAQs

Exterior Project Requirements

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A. General


  1. Only the exterior materials existing on the primary structure or materials compatible with the architectural design and character of the neighborhood will be approved.

  2. It is preferred that the exterior of the home remain the same as the original color scheme. If the colors are not known the ARC will provide them or approve a suitable match. If the original color is to be changed you must have approval from the ARC.


B. Decks


    1. Decks must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. Applications for deck modification MUST include a house location survey showing exact placement of the deck and setbacks in the rear of the home. Decks and deck stairs will not be allowed to extend beyond the side plane of the bay window or chimney if the home is an end unit. No roof structure may be added to a deck. Decks may not be modified to create an enclosure (i.e., screened-in porch). Owners are responsible for obtaining all necessary building permits.

    2. Lumber used for decks and fences must be decay resistant and similar to the lumber used by the builder. Metal fences and decks are not permitted. Staining will be permitted in accordance with Exhibit 1.

    3. Composite decking may be used, however the rail and pickets must be the same color as the decking. The color of the composite decking must also be approved; gray colored decking and white pickets will not be approved.

    4. Horizontal railings will not be approved. Vertical picket rails are preferred. Railing detail should be supplied with the application. Other types of railings may be considered by the ARC on a case by case basis.

    5. To obtain a building permit, Loudoun County typically requires the applicant to show evidence of Architectural Review Committee approval prior to the issuance of the permit.


C Lattice


Above-deck railing lattice may not exceed four feet in height. The lattice must be attached to the house and remain natural in color. Lattice may not be attached to the rear of the deck. Lattice must be perpendicular to the house.


D. Fences



  1. Fence extensions for interior units must enclose the backyard along the property line. Larger or smaller enclosures are not permitted. Fences must be alternating board-on-board style and must be six feet in height. Gates may be alternating or adjacent board and must also be six feet in height.

  2. Fence extensions for end units must enclose the backyard at the property line. Fencing along the side may extend as far as the property line and as far forward as ½ the distance from the rear plane of the home forward. Fencing may enclose side bay windows only if the window is in the rear half of the home.

  3. Fencing may be stained in accordance with Exhibit 1.

  4. Removal or modification of fencing may only be done with approval of the Architectural Review Committee.


E. Landscaping



  1. All trees and shrubbery not planted at ground level within two 2 feet of the house structure must have the approval of the Architectural Review committee. All garden enclosures must be made of natural materials and have Architectural Review Committee approval. The height of the garden enclosure must be indicated on the application.

  2. Any wall above grade, retaining, decorative or otherwise, must have Architectural Review Committee approval.


F. Storm and Screen Door


Storm or screen doors must have full view windows and be painted the same color as the door or entry door’s trim. Sliding glass vertical panes are acceptable.





G. Sheds and Doghouses



Sheds and doghouses should be compatible with the applicant’s house color and material, and should not be located where they will be visually obtrusive. (The structure may not rise above six (6) feet or the height of the fence.)


The shed models listed below have been preapproved by the Architectural Review Committee and may be installed in the backyard of the homeowner’s property without submitting an application for exterior modification.












H. Storage of Boats, Trailers or Recreational Vehicles


Except in connection with construction activities, no commercial trucks, vans, trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, boats or other large vehicles, including grounds maintenance equipment, or ATV’s, dune buggies, or trail bikes may be parked or used on any portion of the Common Area or any portion of a lot visible from the Common Area or another lot or on any public right-of-way within or adjacent to the Property, unless expressly permitted by the Board of Directors and only in such parking areas or for such time periods (if any) as may be designated for such purpose. Parking of all such vehicles and related equipment, other than on a temporary and non-recurring basis, shall be in garages or in areas designated by the Board of Directors, if any, No junk or derelict vehicles or other vehicles on which current registration plates and current county and state inspection permits are not displayed shall be kept upon any portion of the Common Area or any portion of a Lot visible from the Common Area or another Lot or on any public right-of-way within or adjacent to the property.


I. Exterior Painting



Repainting or staining a specific object to match its original color need not be submitted. Color changes apply not only to the house siding, but also to the doors, shutters, trim, roofing, and other appurtenant structures. Requests for approval to change exterior color should relate favorably to the colors of the houses in the immediate area.


J. Fireplace and Woodstoves


  1. All external chimneys and/or flues must have Architectural Review Committee approval.

  2. External chimneys and/or flues must be enclosed in brick or materials matching the exterior of the townhouse and cannot be located in the front of the house.


K. Recreation and Play Equipment


Permanent recreation equipment cannot exceed six (6) feet in height and must have Architectural Review Committee approval. Equipment must be placed in rear yards only. Consideration will be given to lot size, equipment size design, and amount of visual screening, etc.. Movable play equipment may not be stored in the front or on the side of units.


L. Trash Cans and Recycling Bins


Trash cans and recycling bins must be stored out of sight. Trash cans and recycling bins must be removed from the front curb following trash pick-up and are never to be stored in front of the house or remain in public view on non-collection days.


M. Firewood


Firewood shall be kept neatly stacked and stored within the fenced area of the rear yard only and located in such manner as to minimize visual impact. Firewood shall not be stored on common areas.



N. Real Estate Sale/Rental Signs


Real estate signs must meet County regulations with respect to size and content. Real Estate signs may only be placed in the front yard of the available property. Signs may not be placed on common area. No other signs of any character shall be erected, posted or displayed in a location that is visible from the common area or any other lot without the prior written approval of the Architectural Review Committee.



O. Exterior Decorative Objects


Natural and man-made exterior decorative objects will generally not be approved. Exterior decorative objects include, but are not limited to, such representative items as bird baths, wagon wheels, sculptures, fountains, pools, stumps, driftwood piles, free-standing poles of all types, and items attached to approved structures.



P. Attic Ventilators


Attic ventilators may only be installed in the rear of the building and must match the siding or trim on the house if mounted on a gable end or may require paint to match the roof if placed on a roof.


Q. Clothes-Drying Equipment


No outdoor clothesline or other drying apparatus shall be permitted on any lot unless pre-approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee.


R Miscellaneous


  1. Exterior lighting shall not be directed in such a manner as to create an annoyance to neighbors or motorists and must be harmonious with the surroundings.

  2. Exterior antennas are allowed with the Federal Communications Act of 1996. Satellite dishes should be located so they are not visible from street frontage. If the dish must be located in the front of the home to obtain a signal it must be screened with landscaping material. Dishes may not exceed twenty (20) inches in diameter and the color must be un-obtrusive and have a dull surface (not light-reflecting).

  3. Front door trellises will not be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

  4. All outdoor cooking equipment must meet County code and should be stored in backyards.

  5. Laundry may not be hung from decks, porches, or stairway railings.

  6. Any structure extending above the height of a fence will not be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

  7. No garage shall be converted to living space or altered or otherwise used for purposes which prevent the intended use of the garage for the parking of vehicles.

  8. No window-unit air conditioners are permitted.







It must be noted that the Architectural Review Committee is a committee designed to preserve the value of homes in Dominion Station by reasonably regulating the external appearances of the homes in the community. If a homeowner modifies his or her property in a manner which detracts from the attractiveness or value of surrounding units, the neighbors are encouraged to write to the Architectural Review Committee for immediate review and possible action.


Towing Information

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Towing Information

On March 23, 2010, the Board of Directors adopted Policy Resolution No. 2010


Trash and Recycling Collection

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Trash/Recycling Collection

In November of 2007, the Board of Directors adopted the Regulatory Resolution 2007-10 regarding the storage of trash containers and related issues for individual lots. The following questions and answers should help highlight the main points of Resolution 2007-10.

On what day of the week is garbage collected?
Current collection days are Tuesday and Friday, but may change from time to time.
On what day of the week is recycling collected?
Recycling is collected only on Tuesday mornings.
Where may I store trash cans and recycling bins?
Trash cans and recycling bins must be stored out of sight. Trash cans and recycling bins must be removed from the front curb following trash pick-up and are never to be stored in front of the house or remain in public view on non collection days.
When may I put my trash can or recycling bin at the curb?
Trash and recycling containers shall not be put on the curb earlier than 6:00 p.m. on the day before trash collection. Trash containers must be removed from public view by 9:00 p.m. on trash collection days.
What happens if I leave trash or recycling at the curb outside of the prescribed times?
Residents may be fined by the Association.
What do I do if I need a large appliance or large item picked up?
Residents are responsible for making arrangements with the trash removal company for the pick-up of large appliances/items. Residents are required to secure such items so that they do not pose a hazard to other people or property.
Who do I call if I have a large item that needs to be picked up?
Residents should call the current trash removal company, American Disposal Services. The phone number for American Disposal Services is (703) 368-0500.
When will yard debris be collected?
The second collection day of the week, Friday.
When whill Christmas Trees be collected?
During the yard debris collection day (Friday) after the Holiday. Please remove all tinsel and decorations. Do not put trees in plastic bags.

Lot Improvements

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Any exterior modifications or additions to your home or property must first be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Approval is required to protect the general welfare and safety of Owners (or Owners' tenants), to provide for visual harmony and soundness of repair, and to avoid any changes that could negatively affect aesthetics or property values.

How to I get approval from the ARC?
Complete the Application for Exterior Modification and mail it to the Community Manager. The manager will review the application for completeness and then forward it to the ARC.
Should I send my application directly to the ARC?
No. Please send the application to the on-site property manager.
How do I get a copy of the application?
The application can be found in the Application for Exterior Modification section of this site. Or, simply click the text below to download it.
View the Application for Exterior Modification (51KB PDF)
Is there any additional information needed by the ARC other than the application?
Yes. Additional documentation will be required, which depends on the nature of the modification or addition. You may find all of the additional documentation required in the Application Instructions section of this site.
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