Dominion Station

Townhouse Homeowners Association

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Dominion Station Homeowners Association was established in 1992 by declaration recorded among the land records of Loudoun County, Virginia, to provide for the management, maintenance and preservation of the common areas and improvements thereon.

The Association is a nonstock corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, charged with the duties and vested with the powers prescribed by law and set forth in the Association Documents.

Members of the Association shall at all times be, and be limited to Persons who constitute Owners of the Lots. If more than one Person owns a Lot, then all of the Persons who own such Lot shall collectively constitute one Owner and be one member of the Association. Each Person is entitled to attend all meetings of the Association. Membership in the Association is mandatory and automatic with ownership of a Lot.

Unless otherwise specifically provided in the Act or the Association Documents, all rights, powers, easements, obligations and duties of the Association may be performed by the Board of Directors on behalf of the Association.