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On February 26, 2007, Dominion Station residents created a Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP), in conjunction with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Specialist Jason Leydig, our contact, met with residents to describe what a NWP is, its importance, how to get it started, and how to maintain it.

According to Deputy Leydig, in recent years, neighborhoods have experienced rapid change. The old, well-established neighborhood has been replaced by a highly transient, growing community where people seek more and more privacy. This life style tends to promote unfamiliarity with neighbors, which enhances the opportunities for the criminal element and increases the community's vulnerability to crime. These conditions dictate the need for a crime prevention program to intensify neighborhood security.

The main objective of the NWP is to reduce the incidence of crime by increasing citizens' awareness of burglary and other neighborhood crime through a continuing information program; making recommendations to assist citizens in making their property more secure; developing a neighborhood action program where neighbors help watch each others property and report suspicious persons and activities to the Sheriff's Office; and encouraging all citizens to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in reporting crimes. Three NWP signs are posted throughout Dominion Station along Magnolia Road, in an effort to deter crime within our community.

The Dominion Station NWP meets several times a year. If you would like to join the NWP and/or receive more information, please contact the NWP Co-Chairs Candi Fultz or Melissa Fishman.

If you witness suspicious criminal activity, please report it to the Sheriff's Department by calling (703) 777-1021.

As always, if there is an emergency, call 911.