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Home News 2014

Trash and Skunks

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As a reminder to all residents, when trash is put out for pick up, it needs to be put in a trash can, to prevent animals from getting into the trash.  The community has a problem with skunks, which are attracted to the trash, and smell up the area.  When the animals tear into the loose trash bags, they spread the trash around, making a mess which is not cleaned up by the owners.

The Board is going to be trapping and relocating skunks if possible, but they will return if the trash is still accessible.

In addition, there are a large number of feral cats in the area, likewise attracted to the food in the trash.

All trash must be in secure containers for pickup.  Loose trash bags are not acceptable.

See Trash and Recycling Rules for regulations.


IMPORTANT - Street Resealing and Closings

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Dominion Station has contracted with Fairfax Paving and Concrete to repair and reseal the streets and parking lots in our community.  In order to do so, they will need to close each street for one day, and all cars will have to be out of that section by 7am.  Cars left in affected areas will be towed at the owners expense.  Cars left in driveways and garages are safe, but will not be able to be driven, since the streets will be closed.

When their street is effected by repairs, residents can park along Magnolia and Blossom Roads, or in any Visitor or Open parking in the community, including at the Community Center parking lot by the pool, unless that sections is being repaired that day.  Towing enforcement of these spots will not be in effect for these dates.  Townhouse residents CANNOT park in parking spots reserved for the condominiums, at any time.


  • Monday, July 28th - Grand Central Square and Pool/Community Center parking lot
  • Tuesday, July 29th - Whitcomb Square, Guilford Station and Hutchens Square
  • Wednesday, July 30th - Trestle Terrace, Reading Terrace and Golden Spike Terrace
  • Thursday, July 31st - Manning Square
  • Friday, August 1st - RAIN DATE FOR WEATHER DELAYS
  • Monday, August 4th - Baggett Terrace and Thompson Square
  • Tuesday, August 5th - Iron Horse Terrace and Box Car Square
  • Wednesday, August 6th - RAIN DATE FOR WEATHER DELAYS
Trash/Recycling Pickup:
Trash and recycling will still be picked up on Tuesday (both) and Friday (trash only) as normal.  Trashed placed outside a users home in the morning will be moved to Magnolia for American Disposal to collect.  To avoid any confusion, make sure trans and recycling bins are labeled with your address.
Please see the Official Announcement from Fairfax Paving and Concrete for more information.



LCSO 34th Citizens' Police Academy

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Loudoun County Sheriff Michael L. Chapman announced the formation of the 34th Citizens’ Police Academy, which will commence on September 9, 2014.

Members of the class will participate in training classes taught by Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office personnel. The classes provide an overview of all the aspects of law enforcement within the agency. Members of the class may also have the option of participating in a ride-a-long with a deputy after completing the academy.

The free sessions will be held each Tuesday evening from September 9th through November 18th. Each session will be two-and-a-half hours in length and begin at 7PM. Class locations will be announced prior to the upcoming session.

The classes are open to Loudoun County residents over the age of 18. To enroll in the Citizen’s Police Academy, please contact Emir Bekric at the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office at (703) 737-8238, during normal business hours of 9AM to 5PM.

Registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Enrollment is limited to 25 participants.

This is the first of two Citizens’ Police Academies held by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office this year. The next session will be held in the spring of 2015.

See WEBSITE for more information.


Trail Repairs

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Repairs to the trails have begun around the community, because the contractor had an available opening.  Please be careful when walking on the trails, and pay attention to any posted signs.

The road repairs and resurfacing will be performed after the 4th of July.  Signs will be posted well in advance for any road closures.


Movie Night at the Pool

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Tonight (June 28th) we will be showing Pixar's Finding Nemo pool side, starting around 8:30... ish.  Bring a float, or pull up a deck chair and enjoy.


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