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Home News 2014

No Soliciting

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There are posted "No Soliciting" signs at every entrance to the community.  Per the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, since the entire community is private property (excluding Magnolia and Blossom streets), soliciting is considered trespassing.

If you see a solicitor, you may politely inform them that they are not allowed to be here.  If the solicitor continues going door to door, you may call the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number, 703-777-1021.


Tree Removal

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Many of the Ash trees in the community are diseased and dying, and need to be removed.  The tree removal will take place on Monday, June 16th, where the diseased trees will be cut down, and the stumps ground.  New trees will be planted in the same spots in the Spring, when it is healthiest for the trees.  This also allows the HOA to spread the cost of this effort out to multiple years.

The trees in question are marked with orange spray paint.

For detailed information, please view the map of tree removals.


Road Resurfacing

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The community will be repairing, resealing, and repainting the roads and sidewalks, starting around the middle of July.  Unfortunately, to make these repairs, the streets will have to be closed, and the cars parked elsewhere.  During this period, visitor parking restrictions will be waived, and owners will be allowed to park in visitor parking, in the pool parking lot, and on the street.

As we get closer to the actual work, we will be posting signs at every street affected, and post more detailed information on the website.


Movie Night at the Pool

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We'll be showing Disney's Frozen at the pool, Saturday evening, starting at 8:30pm.


Entry Doors with Window Inserts Approved

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The Board of Directors recently approved new Entry Doors that can be used to replace existing doors.  The new approved doors can have glass window inserts.

See Exhibit 3 of the Exterior Modification form more all information.

Here are some example styles:


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