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Home News 2010

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Gets Social

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The Loudoun County Sheriff


Snowmageddon 2010

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Man walking down a road in a blizzard.

According to the Loudoun Independent, the two-day winter storm that started on the evening of February fifth produced a record snowfall of 32.4 inches at Dulles International Airport. This exceeded the previous record of 23.2 inches set in January 1996.

Three days later, we received another nine inches.

Berty, the guy who updates the web site, walked around the neighborhood and took several photos after the first storm, as well as during and after the second storm. Click on the photo above to see more images.


Digging Out

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Here we go again. During heavy blizzards like this one, it is challenging to dig out your car without dumping snow onto the road.

However, homeowners should not put snow in the drive lanes after they have been plowed. This will make the clearing of roads in the development even more difficult, and cause problems for everyone.

In what may be the understatement of the year, this was a huge storm and we appreciate everyone's patience during this time.


The Snow Plows Are on the Way

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Genesis Landscapes, the community's contracted snow removal company, is having equipment problems. With the size of this storm (worse than December) it is causing breakdowns with the plows.

Fairfax Excavation will be on site with the heavy equipment to relocate the snow when the storm stops. They are also helping out with the plowing. They have a truck on the way to the property (if not on the property already). With the current conditions, there is no estimated time of their arrival. We are making every attempt to at least try and keep the driveway lanes open. The Community Manager is aware of and had heard of several issues with some streets.

The management company is making every attempt to open up the community. Heavy equipment is being brought in to move the snow and contractors will work around the clock to make the roads drivable. Please be patient during this time as every effort is made to open up the community.


Cleaning Up After Our Pets

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The HOA would like to remind homeowners, specifically dog owners, to always carry a plastic bag and take the time to clean up after their pets after they have taken care of business.


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