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Garage Door Replacement

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Is your garage door in disrepair or do you desire an insulated one? The Board of Directors has approved an addendum to the Architectural Design Guidelines which lists three different options for replacement as an alternative to the originally installed wooden garage doors; A steel, recessed panel sandwich door by CHI Overhead Doors (model 2298), or a standard duty wooden door (Colonial 105) or a heavy duty wooden door (Colonial 110) by Wayne-Dalton Corp.

Do I need approval from the Architectural Review Committee to replace my garage door with one of the approved doors?
No, you do not. As long as the replacement garage door is one of doors on the pre-approved list you do not need to consult with or get approval from the ARC.
What doors are on the pre-approved garage door replacement list?
The approved replacement garage doors are the Wayne Dalton Corp. Colonial 105 and Colonial 110, and the CHI Overhead Doors recessed panel sandwich door, model 2298:
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