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Approved Deck Stains

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Approved Deck Stains

Owners may use clear sealants on their decks without Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval. Additionally, stains that are on the List of Pre-approved Deck Stains may also be used without ARC approval.

What if I want to use a stain not on the List of Pre-approved Deck Stains?
Any stains not on the List require ARC approval. The ARC will typically approve transparent stains, also known as wood toners. The ARC will not approve semi-transparent stains and solid color stains.
List of Pre-approved Deck Stains:
Olympic stains (available at Lowes)
  • Waterguard Wood Clear, 51794
  • Maximum Clear, 56500
  • Maximum Toner, 56502 Honey Gold
  • Maximum Toner, 56503 Cedar Naturaltone
  • Maximum Toner, 56504 Redwood Naturaltone
  • Wood Protector Clear, 79070
  • Wood Protector Toner, 79111 Cedar Naturaltone
  • Wood Protector Toner, 79113 Honey Gold
  • Solid Color Cedar
  • Solid Color Timberline
  • Rescue It! Cedar
  • Rescue It! Timberline
Behr stains (available at Home Depot)
  • Water Proofing Wood Protector, 300 Natural Clear
  • Waterproofing Wood Finish, 400 Natural Clear
  • Waterproofing Wood Finish, 401 Cedartone
  • Waterproofing Wood Finish, 402 Redtone
  • Waterproofing Wood Finish, 403 Browntone
  • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, 500 Natural Clear
  • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, 501 Natural Cedar
  • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, 502 Redwood
  • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, WP-545 Natural Sequoia
  • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, WP-546 Golden Honey
  • Solid Color Cedar
  • DeckOver Cedar